Javier Marín.  —  Director.

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Javier was born in Murcia, Spain, on the 11th December 1975. He studied Journalism in Salamanca and Valencia, where he graduated and started his promising career at Agencia EFE, the leading news agency in Spanish and the biggest worldwide. Javier later became Chief Culture Writer, a position that allowed him writing many cinema features and covering international film festivals, as well as deepening his understanding and love for filmmaking.

In 2013, Javier moved to Nairobi as a sub-Saharan Africa correspondent and soon was appointed EFE’s bureau chief for this region. While in Kenya, he has specialized in shooting and editing breaking news and investigative videos on social and Human Rights issues. In 2015 he got a European Journalism Centre, EJC, grant, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, that allowed the making of the documentary film OWINO, his first professional work as a director.

Yusuf Razzaque.  —  Director.


Yusuf Razzaque (Los Angeles, California, 1972) studied Film Production and Psychology at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles. He began his career as a production designer and production assistant on several short films and student films, then later became an educator and Arts teacher for several years in California.

In 2000, he moved to Barcelona, Spain and studied at the L’Escola Massana Art and Design Institute for three years which reignited his love for art and film. He continued working as an educator and in theatrical arts while producing, directing and acting in several plays and video installations with the 12×12 English Theater Company from 2001 to 2012 in Barcelona.

After almost 15 years in Spain, Yusuf moved to Nairobi, Kenya, and has collaborated with art festivals and created art installations for a few events in the city. Passionate about visual art and editing, Yusuf continues his love for cinema and working with other artists to inspire creativity in everyone.

OWINO is his first full-feature film and directorial debut.

Desirée García.  —  Producer.

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Desirée, OWINO’s producer, is an experienced journalist in Africa. As a sub-Saharan Africa correspondent with EFE, the largest news agency in Spanish, Desirée has witnessed the most significant events in Africa in recent years, including the raise of yihadism, the democratic upraisings against dictators and the awakening of an environmental consciousness in places like Kenya. There, she was able to do research on the car-battery recycling industry, a deregulated business that pollutes many African countries. As a grantee by the European Journalism Centre, EJC, she could investigate this issue and produce her first documentary, OWINO, aiming to shed light on the links between poverty and environmental rights.

Naroa Zurutuza.  —  Co-producer.

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Naroa Zurutuza is co-producer of the documentary OWINO. She works at UNICEF Innovation New York, where she focuses on the future of learning, information and equitable access to basic rights. Prior to joining UNICEF, she lived and worked in various companies in Kenya; from a startup that is trying to change the way the world understands agriculture to a non profit empowering local communities and entrepreneurs through access to capital. Naroa is an engineer with MS from Stanford university and painter and art enthusiast on the side.

Oriol Gibert.  —  Script writer & co-producer.

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Oriol Gibert, script-writer and co-producer, is an economist with experience in Africa whose work focus on social entrepreneurship and community work with immigrants in Spain. His passion for filming led him to take part in different festivals as a jury and to create TerranovaWorks in 2016 together with the rest of the team, a producer company aiming to shed light on global and local injustice through social documentary.

Timothy Mwaura.  —  Director of photography.


Timothy Mwaura is a self-taught cinematographer, director of photography, producer, editor, colourist and a spoken word artist. Timothy is also the director of FullFilmEnt production Company based in Nairobi, Kenya. Timothy’s cinematography has been appreciated by a wide range of audiences: Wazi FM? (winner of the Zanzibar International Film Festival, 2014); Subira documentary (screened at the IMAX Cinema in Nairobi, 2015); The Great Escape (winner of the Dutch Global Health Film Festival in Amsterdam, 2016); and Owino (official selection of the Seminci Film Festival in Madrid, Human Rights Film Festival in Barcelona and Rome Independent Film Festival, 2017). Not just a photographer with a vision, Timothy is an avant-garde artist and a passionate film professional who values excellence and feels deeply moved to expression through the spoken word, visual art and cinema. Timothy seeks to open this shutter that shines light to the African narrative in order to change people’s negative perception about Africa; and this includes Africa’s own perception of itself.

Joash Omondi.  —  Writer, editor & musical composer.


Joash Omondi is a filmmaker, editor, screenwriter and composer living in Nairobi, Kenya. He attended the United States International University in Nairobi, earning a degree in Journalism. Being African, Joash feels a responsibility to contribute to the narrative of a land that has by and large usually been fashioned by outsiders. He believes that the opportunity for African artists to tell their own version of events is a valuable lens. On Owino, he served as writer, editor and musical composer.


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